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I exist. It's sweet, so sweet, so slow

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5/25/08 01:49 pm - Tattoos

I made an appointment to get a tattoo yesterday. I went in totally prepared but the artist told me that any tatt on your feet doesn't last well and that the design would have to enlarged considerably. I was disapointed but glas that he gave me a long term perspective on it. So I've decided to enlarge it and get it done on the back of my neck slightly off centre.


Here's another design I came up with. It's a tribute to Frida Kahlo and what she said before she had her leg amputated.It can't be shrunk too much as the detail will be lost so it would have to go somewhere like my upper arm like this.


2/4/08 09:21 am - My Favourite Rolling Stone covers

2/2/08 10:47 am

It's been a long time since I posted anything. There's been a few things happening in my life worth mentioning. Relating to my last post the Tighe's where in Bris Vegas for 10 days so we spent a bit of time with them, I drank too many JD's a had to curb myself a bit. The affagato I had after sobered me up a bit and was scrumptious. Rachael is still ridiculously beautiful and classy. On another note things are going well between me and my boy, other than being a bit stoic with his feelings (a typically male trait I'm learning). I know he loves me. I now have Saturdays nights off from the karaoke and I'm taking the opportunity to be indulgent. I've been staying at Aarons' (my boy) every Saturday night to save me driving and for other reasons naturally ;) My mum still feels uncomfortable about it but she'll get over it. Only child syndrome rears it's ugly head. 

In regards to work, my contract at Flagstone ended before the holidays and I'm only going to accept relief work from TRACER. I've also started selling jewellery on ebay.

Here's some of the pieces on sale now!


I should also mention we're moving house next week to a beautiful house with a great totally detached granny flat for me right next door to The Glen! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It has a HUGE pool table and bar, a fireplace and a gorgeous back yard with a pool. I CAN"T WAIT! I can walk to The Glen on a Friday night!!

Here's some pics of Aaron in action


1/12/08 02:05 pm

 The Tighes have come to visit again. Here's Rachel and I at HQ on Thursday.



It's a wig but she looks good as a blonde

12/30/07 03:22 pm



12/30/07 11:07 am - X-mas update

 I love x-mas but always end up spending too much money on presents. Because the folks and I were going to Noosa for x-mas day my boy and I did our present exchanging the previous Friday. I got him:

Bill Hicks album "Rant in E Minor"

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Figurine

What Would Bill Hicks Say?

A belt buckle like this only black and without the writing.

This watch in black.

He on the other hand seemed to have raided Borders. I got:

I think he's trying to tell me something.

The Stanley Kubrick collection box set

I should mention he bought me this beautiful swarovski rose for my birthday because he bought me roses when we where first going out and he said "this one won't die".

I want these:


12/22/07 04:38 pm - Aaron fellating his fingers...

....and people wonder what I see in him ;)

12/10/07 10:49 am

Slash plays the theme from "The Godfather".

11/26/07 07:20 pm - Testing my new camera some more.

Notice the last thing Aaron says ;)

11/26/07 06:43 pm

Yesterday was my 23rd Birthday and I thought I'd include some pics I took with my shiny new digital camera.

My boy and I.

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