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11/19/07 06:31 pm - hehe

Pro Smoking
Sound Advice on the Advantages of Smoking Tobacco

You will always have something to do with your hands.
To avoid headaches later in the day, always have a cigarette first thing in the morning.
If you work with explosives, you have a handy method of lighting the fuse.
Smoking is a good career move if you want early retirement and would like to use up your sick leave.
On New Years Eve you don't have to go out to the fireworks. Just dip your cigarette into a jar of ground up sparklers.
Amuse your friends and be the life of the party by blowing smoke rings.
Always discard your butts in flower pots and garden beds as it helps fertilise the plants and keeps insects away.
Occasional house fires will help keep firemen employed.
By buying cigarettes from corner stores, you help support local businesses and help retain the fabric of our society.
At the beach, children can use the butts to decorate their sand castles.
Annoy neighbours you don't like by staying home and smoking heavily.
You will always have a good reason for loitering - "Officer, I'm just having a cigarette".
Always smoke when you are pregnant. Your smoking helps the unborn baby prepare for the air pollution in the real world.
When your neighbour's kids are too noisy, trigger their asthma by breathing smoke on them.
By smoking heavily, you get out of boring work and will have plenty of short breaks during the day.
Develop your cool image and fun-loving personality by being a smoker. Non smoking is for wimps and wusses.
You will have a good reason to paint the ceilings every three years.
Why celebrate world no-tobacco day once a year, when every day can be celebrated as a pro-tobacco day.
You will know when it's time to throw out your old lounge suite by the number of burn marks.
Smoking is an adult custom. Add years to how old you look by smoking heavily.
If you run out of smokes late at night, help the taxi industry by getting them to deliver your smokes to the door.
You can demand more services and benefits from the government because you have paid more in taxes.
Help keep the bush fire brigades trained and ready for any emergency by throwing lighted butts from your car window.
Keep your weight down by smoking cigarettes instead of eating them.

11/14/07 06:53 pm - This is where I'm having my 23rd Birthday.

La Belle Epoque

11/14/07 06:42 pm - Absinthe Returns in a Glass Half Full of Mystique and Misery

The New York Times

11/13/07 04:41 pm

"When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children?"

I blame Aaron! Bill Hicks at his most passionate. Bill Hicks at his most intense. "I'm available for children's parties, by the way". Rest in Peace, Bill.

11/9/07 04:04 pm

Johnny eat your heart out!

It's not the best picture. His handsome face is obscured by cigar smoke but I saw a similarity in the incline of the head. It was unintentional but the photos are so similar I just had to post it.

10/29/07 06:48 pm

In response to my last post. I'm definately rolling with it and certainly having LOTS of fun! I'll let you read into that however you want ;)He had a thing for me for a long time and is showing his gratitude at every available opportunity.He he he. I've been spending lots of time with him and love his company. It's good that I knew him as a friend before we became a couple as we can still have a laugh. He's great to drink with. We went to go see Meow Meow a few weeks ago at the Powerhouse and had a really good time. He's so cool and sexy and sweet! That sounds schmaltzy but it's true.

9/28/07 06:39 pm - (Not so)New man.....

I've known him through karaoke for a long time and he's always made it clear that he liked me. Up until recently I only saw him as another karaoke singer, one that was loyal and that I knew quite well but that was it. He came to Draculas with us on Monday night and we had a nice time. We have a strange relationship, a teasing love/hate kind of thing. He's certainly not the type I thought I'd go with but lately I'm been thinking about him a lot. He's good looking in a grungy kind of way. He has long hair and a goatee. He has tattoos too. Anyway we've been very cozy lately and he's sweet. He sends me cute little goodnight text messages after gigs. He's about 6"2 so he's quite a bit taller than me. I don't usually go for the whole bad boy look but he's pretty darn sexy. I'm just gonna roll with it, have fun and see what happens. *SQUEEEEE*

9/12/07 04:05 pm

My plans for the school holidays.

Micro and waxing.
Conrad Jupiters Sunday 23rd-25th
Zingara at the casino
Draculas!! (again)
Garuva Hidden Tranquility with Adam and Bec
Bar Burlesque with Bronni

..and then some marking and unit planning if I have time.

8/21/07 06:31 pm - I want...

8/20/07 07:08 pm

I think I'll survive this contract relatively unscathed. At Sunnybank I became accustomed to having sharp pains in my stomach as a result of the anxiety I felt before a lesson. It's only the occasionally dull ache now.I've got some nice classes amd I've planned about a month in advance so I'm not as stressed. Also I've discussed not doing our new gig at Inala as not only do I need a night off to go out but it's very rough and I feel intimidated and a little unsafe.

I've only just started to feel healthy again after the flu. I'm regaining my appetite and my energy is back up again. I'm loving food at the moment. We went out to dinner last night and I had the most devine dessert. I love affogatto at the best of times but this was other worldly. Hazelnut gelato with shots of espresso and frangelico on the side served in a tall martinin glass. I went to get my hair done the other day, to get some copper hairlight put in and made the mistake of not having my usual hairdresser. The girl rushed it and I wasn't pleased with the colour, also she cut it too short when I asked for a trim. It looks a lot like Winona Ryder's pixie cut. I still find the contrast of short hair and feminine clothes very alluring and unique. I've been shopping online...again.

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